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Homemade Pop Tarts Recipe

This recipe is a fun one to experiment with different flavour combinations. You certainly don’t need to be a kid to enjoy it. The best part is that you get to skip the disposable packaging from store bought pop tarts and toaster pastries, and you can make a large batch to last all week long.… Read more »

Lavender Sugar Cookies Recipe

I’m really excited to share this recipe. I’m kind of obsessed with lavender, and these cookies are a huge hit anytime I serve them. Ingredients 1 ¾ cups all-purpose flour ¾ cup white sugar ¼ tsp baking powder ¾ cup butter, softened 1 egg 1 tsp vanilla extract 1 tbsp dried lavender flowers (1 tbsp is… Read more »

Summer Bean Salad Recipe

The weather has finally turned summer-ish, so I whipped up my go-to summer side dish, Bean Salad. It’s vegan friendly and the recipe makes a lot, so i like to bring it to a barbecue or camping with my family. It has a fresh lime vinegar-y taste to it. So if that’s something you’re in… Read more »

Marshmallow Square Any Cereal

This may seem obvious now, but I was making Rice Krispies Squares with my kids one day, and we didn’t have enough Rice Krispies cereal, so we subbed in some Cinnamon Toast Crunch and it blew our minds with how delicious it was. So I’ve tested it out in full, using the official Original Rice… Read more »

How to Make Everything Bagel Seasoning

If you’re a fan of everything bagels, then you’ll love this spice blend for using on bagels, breads, avocado toast, potatoes, eggs, and so so so much more! The great thing is, it’s easy to make. Plus, you’ll find all the ingredients right here in our spices section. How To Make For about a 3/4… Read more »

No Bake Energy Bars

Save energy while creating edible energy! These no bake energy bars are simple to make and sure to please the whole family. With no added sugar, these make a great healthy substitute for store bought granola bars – plus you’re saving the landfill from the extra packaging that comes with individually wrapped products. All you… Read more »

Homemade Hot Cocoa Mix

Warm up this winter with everyone’s favourite treat. Did you know you can make your own hot cocoa mix with a few basic ingredients from your baking cupboard? Here’s how: 2 Cups of Sugar (blended in your blender to a powder) 1 Cup of Cocoa Powder 1 Teaspoon of Salt Put the powdered sugar, cocoa,… Read more »