Food Safety Information

Product Disclaimers

Flours: Raw flour is a field good and might contain pathogens. It should not be eaten raw.

Food Products: May contain or have come in contact with: Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Wheat protein – albumin, globulin, gliadin & gluten

Incoming Materials

Each part (dry goods, totes, containers) that comes into our warehouse undergoes a quality checking process. If the part is found to be defective or didn’t pass our quality standard, we will contact our supplier for further action.


We will identify the common name of the product, the lot code (unique identifier), name and principal place of person where the food was manufactured, prepared, produced, stored, packaged or labelled. We will also keep track back documents for two years. We will record a sample label from the original bulk food and the number of units packed on a certain date.


Each part will be placed in the designated area:
a. Dry goods will be stored on shelves or pallets
b. Totes will be disinfected by hand and placed on tables
c. Containers will be sanitized in the dishwasher and distributed to the required picking areas


We will adhere to safe handling of food in our
a. Personnel Practices
b. Integrated Pest Management
c. Cleaning
d. Chemical Control
e. Allergen Control
f. Food Safety Training Course
g. Recall


We will repack only one food in the clean room at a time to prevent cross-contamination. We will clean and sanitize the clean room prior to repackaging. We will repeat this process between all product changeovers and ensure the temperature of the room is suitable. Hand wash stations will be operational and stocked.


Our personnel will comply with food safety requirements: hair restraints, gloves, clean uniforms/aprons, no jewelry, no eating, drinking, chewing gum, etc. All employees will have a current food safe certificate.