How It Works

Shop online with MapleStaple to save time and money while helping to reduce unnecessary packaging waste. We take care of delivering great local and name brand products in re-usable containers. You use the products, we pick up the empty containers when dropping off your next delivery, then we clean and sanitize the containers for re-use.

Lets break it down:


Shop online, all of our products are pre-measured into reusable containers for you to borrow.


Select the delivery date and time at checkout.


Our driver makes their daily delivery trip in an electric vehicle. We’ll leave an EcoTote on your doorstep with all your products inside.


Use your products, keep the containers for as long as you need them, as long as you continue to use our service*.


When you’re done with a container you can leave it out for our driver to pickup when delivering your next order.

If you don’t have another order coming, you can drop off your containers in person at our warehouse at 570 Clark Drive in Vancouver.


After 10 weeks without placing another order*, we’ll send you a reminder to return the containers. After 3 months without an order, you will be charged for any missing containers**.


* If you place another order, we’ll let you hang on to the containers you do have for a bit longer. 10 week container return reminders go out from the date of your last delivery.

** If you bring us back a missing container or tote, we’ll refund your lost container charge.