Our Containers

All of our products are delivered in re-usable containers, that are lent to you at no charge, as long as you keep ordering with us (you exchange any you’re done with at the next delivery), or remember to return them when done.

About The Container Types

While we strive to make our packaging 100% eco-friendly, our system is still a work in progress. Please be aware that while we continue to work on removing these components, plastic containers are the most cost effective, light way to transport product. We welcome any and all suggestions to improve these methods and appreciate your understanding as we continue to strive for a low waste solution while keeping things affordable for our customers.

Replacement Costs

The replacement costs below are for lost, broken, or un-returned containers. We will contact you after 10 weeks to check in and see if you’re done with our containers. If they haven’t been exchanged for new product, or returned after 12 weeks we will have to charge you for them. If we bill you for an un-returned container. We will always refund that charge if you bring it back to us.