Our Story

MapleStaple is a Vancouver based company founded in 2020 by former self-proclaimed environmentalist and entrepreneur, Christopher Ashby.

Before starting MapleStaple, Christopher studied Environmental Studies, Political Science as well as Marketing & Business in Vancouver, Canada. His deep concern for the environment and what we are doing to it, inspired him to start MapleStaple.

He is also a seasoned entrepreneur that has founded companies such as Appello Properties and Local Group Industries. Chris has extensive experience in business management and market development.

MapleStaple is rooted in the founder’s childhood adventures accompanying his mother to the Adelaide market (in Australia). His Mum’s bag was full of “clanging” glass containers which she would fill up with flour, oats, and honey at the market’s bulk store.

What began as a simple idea has developed into a visionary business model that helps address the urgency to make an impact by drastically reducing the ever-growing packaging waste.

The combination of an authentic urge to care for the environment, his versatile upbringing, and business focus on customer experience, is the engine behind MapleStaple.