Our Story

MapleStaple is a Vancouver based company founded in 2020. We’ve created a visionary business model to drastically reduce the ever-growing issue of household packaging waste. We’re doing this by offering the largest selection of zero-waste grocery items, and the widest delivery area in all of Vancouver.

Our Mission

To make zero-waste living accessible and affordable for everyone.

Our Eco Policy

Replacing single-use plastics and packaging with environmentally-friendly solutions means less waste in landfills, less pollution of air, water and soil and less over-extraction of natural resources.

All our products are sourced in as large of quantities as possible. Some items unfortunately do come to us in large plastic bags sealed for freshness. When that’s the case, we look for alternatives or suggest improvements to manufacturers to improve their process. Many of our local suppliers allow us to bring our own containers to fill with their product. We’re always looking to improve the system to reduce our own footprint as well as yours!

Our bulk products come delivered to you in reusable containers that have been selected for durability and longevity. We use eco-friendly biodegradable detergent to wash them when returned, and a commercial dishwasher that has the highest standards in sterilization.

A select few products are supplied in their manufacturers original packaging. Those have been carefully selected for sustainability. They will all be 100% compostable, or recyclable (like cardboard, glass jars, metal lids, NOT plastic).

Our Team

Christopher Ashby – Founder & CEO

Before starting MapleStaple, Christopher studied Environmental Studies, Political Science as well as Marketing & Business in Vancouver, Canada. His deep concern for the environment and what we are doing to it, inspired him to start MapleStaple.

He is also a seasoned entrepreneur that has founded companies such as Appello Properties and Local Group Industries. Chris has extensive experience in business management and market development.

MapleStaple is rooted in the founder’s childhood adventures accompanying his mother to the Adelaide market (in Australia). His Mum’s bag was full of “clanging” glass containers which she would fill up with flour, oats, and honey at the market’s bulk store.

The combination of an authentic urge to care for the environment, his versatile upbringing, and business focus on customer experience, is the engine behind MapleStaple.

Jessica Weber – Marketing & Website Management

With over 15 years experience in graphic design, web development, online marketing, and e-commerce. Jessica is thrilled to combine her work experience with her passion for the environment.

As an experienced bulk shopper and long time zero-waster, Jessica is putting everything she’s learned personally into making MapleStaple an easy and enjoyable experience for our customers.

In her spare time Jessica volunteers with local park restoration groups and the Surfrider Foundation in an effort to protect our forests and oceans for future generations.