Bread Flour – White

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Milled from an organic spring wheat blend and ideal for applications requiring a stronger gluten flour, such as artisan breads, bagels or pizzas and is enriched to meet the regulatory requirements of Canada. Certified organic wheat grown and processed in accordance with Canadian Organic Standards.

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Preparation & Cooking

This product is best suited for European Crusty Breads, Specialty Pan Breads, Hamburger & Hot Dog Buns, Dinner & Soft Rolls, Tortillas, Danish Pastries, Sweet Doughs, Pretzels, and Croissants.

Warning: Because uncooked flour can be contaminated with a variety of disease-causing germs, including E. coli, Salmonella and Listeria, eating uncooked dough or batter can cause illness.

Nutrition Facts

Flour Protein: 12.3% Min
Ash: 0.54
Moisture: 14.3% Max

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