Chocolate Bar – Almond & Sea Salt

$7.95 / each


The only chocolate out there that is made from a combination of raw cacao nibs and fine cacao paste & butter! What’s so special? An incredibly nutty flavour profile from our Ecuadorian bean that melts away like a fine chocolate dream. It leaves you totally ENERGIZED. Your typical Breakfast chocolate.

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This product is local! The Good Chocolatier

The bars come unwrapped, in just a paper sleeve to identify the flavour, delivered to you in our 3.2 Cup container, sealed for freshness. (There’s lots of room in the container for more bars, why not order a few flavours?)


Cacao paste**, raw cacao nibs **, raw cacao butter**, coconut sugar**, cut almonds*, Salt Spring Island sea salt**.

**Organic & Fair Trade
***Organic & Local from BC