Small Pet Paper Bedding – Unscented

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A cozy home starts with clean, comfy bedding, and Full Cheeks Small Pet Unscented Pacific Rain Paper Bedding leaves their paws dry and cushioned and their habitat cleaner for you. Made with love for most small animals, this soft, ultra-absorbent paper bedding keeps pets dry and maintains freshness. It is also proven to help control ammonia odours.

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  • 99% Dust Free for a clean and fresh home
  • Ultra Absorbent with 10-Day Odour Control
  • Made with sustainable fiber material
  • Biodegradable Material: Made with Recycled Paper
  • Unscented

Intended Pet(s): Most Small Animals
Material(s): Recycled Compact Paper, Fiber Materials
Directions: Place 2-6 inches of bedding in the bottom area of the habitat or preferred designated area, like a litter pan or tray.

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19.9 Cup Container, 10kg Container, 15kg Container


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