Spotlight: AGRO Coffee Roasters

Our first local Vancouver supplier was in our own neighbourhood. Meet AGRO Roasters, started in 2016 by Marina and Dusty.

“Really good coffee to us means coffee that is grown sustainably, harvested properly, and procured fairly and respectfully.”

AGRO Roasters

Marina was born and raised in Brazil, with coffee a major part of her life, and Dusty had worked in the organic coffee industry, from sourcing to production, for many years. Their dream of making really good and approachable coffee became a reality when a little local roaster went up for sale a few blocks from their home.


Sourcing coffee that is grown as sustainably as possible, is a core value at Agro Roasters. They only buy and roast coffee that is certified organic. Chemical fertilizers and pesticides do not belong in the coffee that we drink, but more importantly, do not belong at the farms that grow our coffee. Small-holder farms are usually at the homes of the farmers that we work with. If chemical fertilizers and pesticides are used, they can end up in the drinking water of the farmers and their families.


They believe that quality should always be top of mind. To meet high-quality standards, their team undertakes regular training and gets certified every three years through the Coffee Quality Institute.

“Since before our beginnings, our Coffee Buyer has been a licensed Q-Grader (the coffee’s world equivalent of a wine sommelier). Being a Q-Grader allows us to properly taste and grade green coffee offerings from our producer partners and communicate in an international coffee language.”

AGRO Roasters
Searching for that perfect cup of coffee is their passion.

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