Spotlight: Island Essentials

Our local supplier of all natural shampoos, conditioners and soaps is a wonderful little company from Victoria, BC, on Vancouver Island.

Founded in 2006, what started as a soap making hobby quickly became a business, when Thrifty Foods (a local leading-edge grocery chain), listed the company’s bar soap line as their top natural bar soap.

Over the years the Island Essentials range of natural, eco-friendly skin care expanded to include deodorants, liquid castile soap, creams, lip balms, essential oils, air fresheners, and hair care. The reach grew quickly across the province.

The entire line of products was developed from the beginning with clean ingredients at the forefront and biodegradability in mind.

“Our products are readily bio-degradable. Clean and green has always been the focus of the body & hair care we create.”

Island Essentials

With the growth of more environmentally friendly packaging options, as a business they are committed to transitioning as quickly as possible to cleaner greener alternatives.  

Our favourite products, are their shampoo and conditioner that come in a number of really wonderful scents. The other thing we love is their bar soaps. They’re a great price for something made out of such clean ingredients.

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