The Best Beeswax Wraps

There’s lots of beeswax wraps to choose from out there these days. As someone who’s been doing zero waste for years now, I’ve tried quite a few and have really put them to the test over years of use. Here’s a review of the few brands I’ve used and how they held up over time.

Abeego – Victoria, BC

These are my oldest wraps. I have the 3 pack, where you get 3 different square sizes.

Shape: I really find the square shape to be a lot more versatile than other rectangular brands.

Stickiness: I found these to be my favourite as far as their stick goes. They held on to bowls perfectly no-matter the type, without leaving a waxy residue.

Longevity: They have finally lost their stick now after 4 years of use, and because they were a lighter colour to begin with, they are quite stained now.

Goldilocks Wraps – Victoria, BC

I have two sets of their 3 pack of wraps. Plus a special casserole dish sized one that I picked up at a makers market from them in-person. They come in fun patterns, so that’s a big part of their appeal.

Shape: The casserole one is fantastic for bigger rectangular dishes. The large size is almost square so you can pretty much cover any bowl with it, but I do wish it was square. The medium sizes are really versatile for fruit, veggies, and blocks of cheese. But the small one I find I don’t use much, sometimes to cover a can that’s been opened, it works on a half an avocado, or the end of a cucumber but that’s about it.

Stickiness: These ones are definitely the stickiest. The first handful of times using these, you’re left with a waxy film on your dishes that will come off in the dishwasher.

Longevity: Because these are really waxy, they’ve lasted longer than the rest of my wraps. The colourful patterns help hide staining.

Bee’s Wrap – Vermont, USA

These were given to me as a gift. They come in a 3 pack of square sizes similar to Abeego.

Shape: I really find the square shape to be a lot more versatile than other rectangular brands.

Stickiness: These ones are pretty useless. They weren’t very sticky from the beginning. I never even ended up using the smallest size because they didn’t work well.

Longevity: They were only useable a few times before completely loosing their stick. They also stained really bad, probably because there wasn’t enough wax on them to protect them. The edges frayed a lot too.

Green Bee Boutique – Edmonton, AB

I just have this one small one that came in a gift box I received. But it works well.

Shape: This one is a square shape, good for covering cans or small bowls.

Stickiness: It’s similar to Abeego, it has some good stick, but without leaving wax residue.

Longevity: This one is pretty new still, I’ve only had it about 6 months, but it seems to be holding up well.

I hope my beeswax wrap review here helps someone out. If you still haven’t made the leap to beeswax wraps yet, its an easy way to get started with reducing your waste in the kitchen.

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